Diagnosing Tongue-tie

Diagnosis of tongue tie is about function. Therefore the best person to help you with your breastfeeding is your midwife or ideally a board certified lactation consultant and we recommend that you have been reviewed by these professionals before seeing us to ensure and other concerns that are more easily solved are first dealt with.

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We ask you to complete our tongue tie questionnaire prior to your appointment so that we can get a sense of how your baby’s tongue is functioning and the problems you are having.

We will discuss this with you at the time of consultation and also complete a thorough examination of your baby’s mouth to make a structural and functional assessment of your baby’s tongue.

Based on our findings we will advise you whether we believe that a tie is present and whether it seems to be the cause of your symptoms. Due to the multi­ factorial causes of feeding problems, we can never give a 100% guarantee that this will be the sole solution to your baby’s issues, We will explain to you the process of how we divide the ties and the risks of the procedure.

Simple scissor frenotomy has a low risk for your baby.