Benefits and Risks

There are many benefits, some immediate and some long-term.  Read more below.

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Immediate benefits

  • Better attaching and sucking
  • Shorter feeding times
  • Satisfied for longer
  • Less painful for mum

Future Benefits

  • Our doctors at Russell Medical Centre are committed to providing factual information on which parents can base on informed decision.
  • Better tongue movement
  • Better with solids
  • Less speech impediments
  • Less dental problems
  • Less medical problems (indigestion, snoring and sleep apnea)

The Main Risks

  • Bleeding – This is usually very minor and settles within a few minutes of the procedure when you feed your baby. We will ensure that this has stopped prior to you leaving the clinic. If for some reason, bleeding recurs, please feed your baby. If this does not stop the bleeding, apply pressure with a clean gauze or tissue. If this does not settle things quickly and the bleeding is significant, continue to apply pressure and phone us immediately.
  • Readhesion / residual tissue / scarring – This can be minimized by performing special exercises post procedure but can still occur despite all efforts. As the site heals it sometimes can scar and contract. If this does occur and feeding continues to be adequate, there is no need for further release. If your feeding does become affected, a second release may be needed.
  • Infection – Mouths heal really well so again the risk is low.
  • Discomfort – This should be minimal. Mouth wounds heal very quickly and there should be no need for any pain relief after the procedure other than feeding your baby.
  • Damage to other structures in the mouth, including but not limited to the tongue, salivary glands and lingual nerve. The risk of this is very low.