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Dr Terry Russell is the team manager of Russell Medical Centre. Dr Russell was the first doctor in Queensland to use the Plastibell device.

Older Children

On the day of the procedure, keep your child quiet and rested. Don’t let him out of your sight until any sedative/anaesthetic is out of his system.

After the first day, it is important that your child resumes physical activity. Encourage him to play normally. Avoid any physical activity you consider risky or dangerous.

Firm, supportive underwear keeps the penis supported and toddlers must wear nappies. Some boys experience pain and burning with urination for a few days after the procedure. The symptom can be eased by encouraging oral fluids and soaking in a bath or shower.

If you think he has pain please follow the instruction sheet given after the procedure.

Your child’s original anatomy is variable and as such every penis will look different after the circumcision as well. This varies over time in relation to your child’s shape, weight and stage of development.