Older Boys

On the day of the procedure keep your child quiet and rested. After the first day, it is important that your child resumes physical activity. Encourage him to play normally. Avoid any physical activity you consider risky or dangerous (eg- bike riding or contact sports). It is better to keep older boys busy and distracted than having them sit at home the whole time.

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Further Information

Firm, supportive underwear keeps the penis supported and is better than loose boxer shorts or letting him wear no underwear.
Some boys experience pain and burning with urination for a few days after the procedure. The symptoms can be eased by encouraging oral fluids and soaking in the bath. Encourage them to wee in the bath or shower.

It is important to minimize erections in the older boys whilst the plastibell is still attached. If he gets an erection and is in discomfort you can apply a cool cloth or ice pack to the area. In some circumstances the doctor may give you a script for pseudoephedrine tablets which have the effect of reducing erections.