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Media & Publications

  1. Circumcision on the rise despite hospital ban – The Sydney Morning Herald
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  4. Compelling published medical evidence, particularly over the past 20 years, has shown that circumcision offers protection against multiple medical conditions. The most important role of primary care physicians, particularly when caring for children, is preventive health care, as exemplified by childhood immunizations. Consider newborn circumcision as a vaccine that has a preventive health role against not one but many disorders. In chronological order from infancy through old age these include severe infant urinary tract infections (UTIs) during the first year of life; local penile infections (balanoposthitis) and mechanical retraction problems (phimosis) in childhood; sexually transmitted diseases, particularly HIV and AIDS, in young adults; and penile and cervical cancer in older adults. Circumcision makes genital hygiene easier throughout life.
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