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Circumcison consultation

At the consultation you will meet our nurse and she will go through with you what we do here at Russell Medical Centre, the risks of circumcision and get a medical back ground on your son and answer any questions you may have. Our nurse will give parents/care givers the LMX Topical Anaesthitic cream to take home to apply on the day of your sons circumcision procedure. Also the consent form so parents/care givers can read through and sign. Our doctor will examine your son to make sure the circumcision procedure can be done.

On the Day of Procedure

Take your signed consent form.

If having the procedure 2 hours after your consultation (we call this Sameday), then the numbing cream will be applied.
numbing cream has been applied you are welcome to give your baby a feed.

So no feeding between the appointments.

Either during the consultation or once the then no more feeding until the procedure has been done.

Follow up

Usually takes place 2-3 weeks after the procedure

Doctor or nurse will check to see if the circumcision is healed well and they will go through points about the future care