Trusted Australian Circumcision and Tongue Tie since 1993

The principal of Circumcision Australia group of doctors is Dr Terry Russell OAM. Dr Russell was the first doctor in Queensland to use the Plastibell device, and he pioneered the use of anaesthetic cream in Australia for a safer, more comfortable circumcision. Dr Russell’s research forms the basis for current best-practice circumcision.

Why Pick Russell Medical Centre?

1. Russell Medical centre has performed the most number of circumcision procedures than any other clinic in Australia.

2. As a specialist clinic dedicated to circumcision and tongue tie procedures, we would like to remind our patients and families that we are not a general practice that attracts generally unwell patients.

3. Our doctors are on call every night and our caring staff are here to answer all of your questions.

4. Proudly, most of our new patients have been referred by friends, families and word of mouth through previous patients.

Located at 620 Kessels Rd (via Benaud St), MacGregor QLD 4109

Meet the Team

Dr. Terry Russell

Since starting the use of topical anaesthetic cream in 1993, doctors at Russell Medical centre have performed over 50,000 circumcisions using topical anaesthetic cream and the Plastibell. Dr Terry Russell is the only doctor ever appointed a mentor of the R.A.C.G.P for the teaching of circumcision. He has four children and fourteen grand-children of whom he is very proud.

Dr Russell, Dr Loth, Dr Jeff Tarr, Dr Gilbert, and Dr Hupfeld are located in Brisbane, Queensland.

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