Removal of the foreskin is part of the Plastibell procedure, so that when the procedure is over, circumcision is complete.

Before the circumcision a generous amount of anaesthetic cream should be applied to the whole outside of the penis from base to tip so you can't see any skin.

Once that area is thickly coated with cream, wrap with cling-wrap (to keep the cream in place and not out in the nappy where it is wasted). The cling-wrap must be left open at the free end so that urine can pass through. It is important to check the cream once or twice over these two hours and add more if necessary.

The cream is slowly absorbed over that two hour period so that if he has had lots of cream on for two hours he should not feel any pain.

Important - Please read: Some people are under the impression that there is no cutting involved and that is not so. It is normal practice to cut off the surplus foreskin however not until after the circulation is cut off. If that is not done there is more chance of infection as it is too difficult to keep clean.

Last Advice: Please try not to feed him for two hours before his circumcision. That way, he is less likely to wee, or poo, or throw-up, and also a feed immediately afterwards will help settle him down rapidly.