Tongue-tie and Lip-tie Brisbane clinic since 1993.

Russell Medical Centre is a Brisbane based clinic dedicated to providing professional and caring tongue and lip-tie release service resulting in successful outcomes for both breast and bottle feeding mums.

Our technique, using scissor release, has evolved over 25 years and is effective for both anterior and posterior tongue-tie as well as lip-tie.

Tongue-tie and lip-tie procedures are performed Tuesday to Friday at our Kessels Road clinic and are done in one single appointment (consultation first, then procedure).

Please call Russell Medical Centre on (07) 3349 6444 to make a booking

Symptoms of tongue-tie and lip-tie

  • Difficulty feeding and attaching
  • Chomping on nipple
  • Not gaining weight
  • Nipple trauma
  • Tiring rapidly
  • Slow feeding
  • Gulping air/Clicking sound
  • Not satisfied for long
  • Bloated with wind
  • Reduction of milk supply
  • Mastitis

Potential symptoms of tongue-tie and lip-tie

  • Speech problem
  • Oral hygiene
  • Problems with solids
  • Digestive problems


  • Baby’s head held gently and stabilised
  • Stabilise and elevate tongue/lip
  • Clip centre of frenulum
  • Infant can feed immediately

Your baby is brought back to you straight after the procedures to be fed and settled.

Immediate benefits

  • Better attaching and sucking
  • Shorter feeding times
  • Satisfied for longer
  • Less painful for mum

Future Benefits

Our doctors at Russell Medical Centre are committed to providing factual information on which parents can base on informed decision.

  • Better tongue movement
  • Better with solids
  • Less speech impediments
  • Less dental problems
  • Less medical problems (indigestion, snoring and sleep apnea)


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